The 15th Gould's Microcar Event
July 9, 10, 2010


Quel déluge! On Saturday, "some rain fell." The large retaining wall along the path of our usual micro-rides collapsed!



...but by Sunday, it was back to smooooooth sailing. It's an irrepressible group, and it was as fun as ever.

We want your pics and clips from this year's Classic, too! Contact Charles or me, Max, your Web man.

Please help me to identify cars and people! email to Max.

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Thanks to all of our photo and video contributors!

"Rico Birdo" on Photobucket

30 Images

Thanks, Gabrielle!

Max H.

110 Images

"Because We Care"

Mark N.

38 Images

Dog steals Subaru?

John P.

19 Images

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Nat S.

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Great pictures.

John L. on

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Good museum photos, too, and video clips.

Video - Thanks, everyone!

'Schmitt ride with Carter W., courtesy "Rico Birdo." (Thanks, Gabrielle!)

Nat Stevens' video of Jeff Upton's Berkeley,
first one
Nat Stevens' video of Jeff Upton's Berkeley,
second one
added 7/18/2010


(There was a quiet moment during the event, as we honored a life-long scooterist, Microcar Classic participant, peerless scooter historian, and really nice person, John Gerber.)

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