The 5th Annual Microcar and Minicar Classic

July 7, 8, 9, 2000

This page will get more organized... meanwhile, enjoy it, even in its rough and disordered form.

(last update: 7/25/00)

We want your pictures from this year's Classic, too! Contact Charles or me, Max, your web man.

Also: I have already made mistakes in identifying cars and people; feel free to gently urge me toward accuracy! Send email to Max..

There were about five parts to this magical weekend...

Friday evening: Arrivals.

Saturday loitering, then the fun of Larz Anderson Park and Museum of Transportation

Saturday Afternoon: The Eclectic Feast (and various hijinks...) and the eveing cruise

Sunday Morning: Breakfast! and the Car Show at Dedham

Sunday Afternoon: The Poor Man's Hot Tub, and Departures.

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