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One Man's Tiny Addiction

Joseph P. Kahn, The Boston Globe, November 8, 2011

A Collector with Drive

The Boston Globe/, November, 2011

In Massachusetts, A Hoarder with Discriminating Tastes

Richard S. Chang, New York Times "Wheels", October 4, 2011

Great slideshow accompanying the article here.

A New England Noah, Rounding Up His Ark of Vintage Autos

Richard S. Chang, New York Times, September 30, 2011

Photo Gallery

Some of Gould's collection.

Smaller is In

WorldWideFuture Weblog, August, 2008

Micros Come Back To The Future

By RALPH RANALLI, The Boston Globe, July 20, 2008

(Accompanying video here, and a great slide series here.)

Microcars' Charm Not Lost on Hobbyists

By CRAIG FITZGERALD, The Boston Globe, March 8, 2003

The Mighty Microcar

By JIM MOTAVALLI, Electrifying Times, September 4, 2002

Features Nancy Gould, includes excellent links to other microcar sites.

When King Midget Ruled the Autobahn

By JIM MOTAVALLI, NY Times, August 30, 2002

(video clip) Messerschmitt Tiger, Frankfurt, 1957

Featuring the launch, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, of the famous, fast 4-wheeled Messerschmitt, with glimpses of a Goggomobil, and Brutsch Mopetta, and even (well, hello!) an Edsel.

(video clip) Messerschmitt KR175

UK launch video of the kabinenroller KR175.

From November 2000 through the end of April 2001, some of the collection of Charles and Nancy Gould and others were installed in Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Massachusetts. The name of the show was... Microcars!